Snowkiting or kiteboarding on snow is a nice alternative for kiteboarding on water as well as for skiing and snowboarding in mountains.
It is much easier to learn kiting on snow, because most of the time your feet are on the ground and there are much more possibilities to train, because you do not need as much wind for snowkiting as for kiteboarding on water. A two-day training lasts for 5-6 hours. Training includes the instructor and all necessary equipment.

Level 1
1. Wind directions (safe-, unsafe directions)
2. Define if the practice area is safe for practice
3. Wind-window theory
4. 2-line trainer kite setup and piloting
5. 4-line inflatable kite setup. Adjust the trim system and activate the safety systems
6. 4-line inflatable kite piloting
7. Relaunch a kite
8. Theory

Level 2
1. Piloting a kite in sitting position
2. Relaunch a kite with board or skis
3. Start theory
4. Gain speed from the standing position
5. Start from the sitting position
6. Accelerate and stop by edging
7. Ride away and come back at starting point
8. Constantly ride upwind
9. Change direction and turn