Our aim is to make you an independent kiteboarder as effectively and safely as possible. Since all students are different and need different amount of time to perform all the exercises, we try to approach individually to all of them, paying attention to their weak sides and prioritizing safety throughout the training.
The training plan is compiled taking into consideration the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) standards and at the end of the training we will issue all students the IKO Kiteboarder card, which indicates the level you reached. Our experience shows that it takes approximately 3-4 h to pass one level. Training includes the instructor and all necessary equipment.
Level 1
1. Wind directions (safe-, unsafe directions)
2. Define if the practice area is safe for practice
3. Wind-window theory
4. 2-line trainer kite setup
5. 2-line trainer kite piloting on the beach
6. 4-line inflatable kite setup
7. Adjust the trim system and activate the safety systems of a 4-line kite
8. 4-line inflatable kite piloting
9. Selfrescue techniques and practice
10. Theory

Level 2
1. Cross-wind body drag
2. Down-wind body drag
3. Up-wind body drag
4. Up-wind body drag with a board
5. Board recovery in deep water
6. Water start theory
7. Water start practice
8. Standing up on the board and maintaining the balance
9. Theory

Level 3
1. Riding away from the shore and coming back
2. Accelerating and stoping
3. Riding up-wind
4. Changing direction
5. Technical approach to jumping
6. Practicing jumps and landings