Kiteboarding is a sport where a big kite is being used for moving on. In water you can use a surfboard and a kite, on snow a snowboard or skis and a kite and on land a landboard and a kite.
Kiteboarding has become one of the most popular free time activities by creating unimaginable experiences on land, water and air.If ten years ago kiteboarding was considered as serious extreme sport intended mostly for men, then by now the kites have become so easy to handle that after a couple of hours training anyone could do it. For instance, our youngest student was an 8-year-old girl and the oldest student a 67-year-old gentleman. Our introductory training will help you to understand the basic principles of kiteboarding and we will introduce you the most important aspects of kiteboarding — how to handle the kite safely.

An introductory kiteboarding course includes:
Theory:           Wind (wind directions, wind-window, wind effects)
                         Gear (kite terminology, kite- and board types and sizes, how to set up a kite)
Practice:         Kite piloting (in neutral zone and power zone)
It does not matter if you decide to continue on water or snow or choose a sport less extreme, we will guarantee you a memorable and a sporty day.

Duration: 1—1.5 h