Mändjala Surfclub is situated in Saaremaa, Saaremaa parish, Mandjala village, and is 12 km west from Kuressaare (through Sõrve highway). Mandjala, with its marvellous beach, is one of the most beloved holiday spots in Saaremaa and Estonia.
With 7 km of sandy-beach are also Jarve sand dunes where side by side are towering ordinary pine and wind-pine which trunk is ground low, branches are curved, crown unordered and wide.
Sea winds and sandy beach – sounds good, right! What more could one ask for kitesurfing?
In addition to good winds is Saaremaa the most sunny place in Estonia in summer. In summer the water temperature can rise up to 25+ degrees.
Surfclub on the beach has everything for relaxation, and also a bar with refreshing drinks.